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Single patient Simulation need two kind of information to compute drugs plasma concentration over time.

  • Patients Information
    1. Height, default= 175 cm
    2. weight, default= 75 Kg
    3. Age, default= 25 years
    4. Plasma Creatinine Concentration (mg/dl), default= 1.0 (mg/dl)
    5. Gender, default= Men
  • Prescription Information
    1. Administrated Drug Name, default= Acetaminophen, you must select one drug from the list After you select the drug, all further information will be replaced with selected drug specification, but if you want to use your data simply can write those data in it's field
    2. Monitoring Time, default= Based on your drug selection
    3. Root of Administration, default= none, you can select only three types of administration that include Oral, Intravenous bolus and intravenous infusion
      1. Oral
        1. Oral Booster Dose, default= default= 650 mg
        2. Oral Maintenance Dose, default= default= 325 mg
        3. Oral Dose Interval, default= default= 6 hours
      2. IV Bolus
        1. IV Bolus Booster Dose, default= default= 100 mg
        2. IV Bolus Maintenance Dose, default= default= 75 mg
        3. IV Bolus Dose Interval, default= default= 8 hours
      3. Iv Infusion
        1. IV Infusion Rate, default= default= 100 mg
        2. IV Infusion Time, default= default= 900 minute